Metal series robots that can be assembled, programmed, and remotely controlled

Introduction of Thunbot

Thunbot series robots integrate the teaching, creativity, competition and entertainment, and are suitable for the school-age children over 8 years old and adolescents.

This product has 500+ kinds of structured and generalized aluminum alloy mechanical structural parts and 30+ kinds of standard intelligent electronic modules, to build various vivid and interesting configurations. It combines the graphical programming software and supporting tutorial resources, and becomes the preferred product of STEAM education, Maker education, and various themed competitions.

Transform education with science and technology, hold up the hope with love

Design Concept

It adopts the appearance of industrial design and modular shell encapsulation, to facilitate the combination with parts and assemble simply. The standardized and generalized parts in combination with graphical programming, APP and remote control unit for manipulation enable the kids to create infinite possibilities by building and programming, cultivate the comprehensive abilities of the kids, and promote AIQ of the kids.

500+parts 30+kinds of electronic modules
Product Features
Cool appearance
Aluminum alloy oxidation materials
Acousto-optic interaction
Abundant I/O interface
Abundant sensor
Usage Scenario

Thunbot is a series of programming robot products blending AIQ theory, and can be used as the ideal teaching aid of robot programming education and Maker education by the configuration with rich themes, interesting DIY creativity, and abundant course resources, to teach through lively activities and achieve the transformation from ideality to reality of the kids more. Its cool appearance with strong sense of science fiction and metallic aluminum alloy materials can also provide the equipment for various competitive robot competitions, improve teaching through competition, and improve learning through competition.