Curriculum System

Bell’ Curriculum System

Four stages – Beginner, explorer, knower, and challenger

  • At the beginner stage, learning things in the real world, perceive the general knowledge by five senses, verify the knowns, explore the unknowns, and understand the nature through the appearance.
  • At the explorer stage, cultivate the ability of students in recognizing things of diversification, then generalize, induce, summarize and apply on the nature of things.
  • At the knower stage, cultivate the analyzing ability by scientific knowledge to build the knowledge system from understanding to applying.
  • At the challenger stage, master the active learning ability, apply the knowledge flexibly, and solve the problems in the real world by innovation and creation.

Bell Educational Concept

We are cored by AIQ theory, and centered by students. Teachers are no longer knowledge imparters, but problem presenters and pacemakers of leading students to think, to enable students to have more space to explore, ponder and solve the problems, and fully arouse the enthusiasm and creativity of students.

Our courses are developed in 5C1E teaching mode, including 6 parts, i.e. channel, contact, construct, contemplate, continue, and evaluation.

  • Arouse the interest of students in exploring by the interesting channel.
  • Contact the life according to the channeled contents, induce the students to imagine and confirm the construct theme, and establish the correlation of knowledge.
  • Apply the knowledge to the model building, explore, analyze and operate in construct, and finish various characteristic constructs.
  • Make the group discussion and introspection on constructive process, programming, and result.
  • Comprehend by analogy and draw inferences from one instance for the knowledge migration and application.
  • Explain the stories happened in this lesson and make the effect evaluation.

Accordingly, the whole class is developed coherently, orderly and interestingly, and students master, understand and apply the knowledge naturally.

Coverage of All Ages from 3 – 18 Years Old

Thunbot Course series
8~9years old
10~11years old
12~13years old
Over 13 years old
Mabot Course series
3~5years old
6~8years old

Course series

Mabot Course Series

Applicable Age:3-13 years old      Class Hour:Over 200 lessons

  • Course Topics:Household Goods,Vehicle,Animals And Plants,Pleasure Ground,Architecture,Making Life Easier,Public Safety,Art,Military Science.
  • Course Topics:Construction Machinery,Making Life Easier,Vehicle,Construction of Road and Bridge,Terraced Traffic,Household Goods,Animals and Plants.
  • Course Topics:Games,Art,Animals And Plants,Industrial Age,Household Goods,Scientific Inquiry,Military Science,Making Life Easier,Construction Machinery.
  • ……

Thunbot Course Series

Applicable Age:Over 8 years old      Class Hour:Over 100 lessons

  • Course Topics:Fan Design,Sports Car,Clock Sprites,Robot Tour of China,Maze Obstacle Crossing,Crazy Warrior,Robot Fighting
  • Course Topics:Test of Vehicle Performance,SMART Cars,Cars,Driver Safety Guard,the Magic Grip,Cargo sorting,Good Fortume,Raiders of Lost Ark
  • Course Topics:Resourse Carriage,Urban Cleanliness,Truck Transport,Intelligent Handling,Transnational Trade,Wings Mecha,Desert Ark,the Silk Road
  • ……