RA Robot Competition
RA International Robot Competition, Cultivate Future Science Heroes
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RA Robot Competition
RA International Robotics Competition is the international leading-edge platform for science and technology competitive sports. It is a competitive sport that people directly or indirectly control the robot to compete with the physical robot works as the carrier by holding the science and technology contests represented by robot competition and the study tour and exchange activities, and is aimed at publicizing the concept of science and technology competitive sports, enhancing the social attention to science and technology sports, guiding everyone to join the science and technology competitive sports, promoting the national technology literacy, and finally facilitating the progress of the national scientific and technological level.
Why RA?
  • Exercise the teamwork ability

    During the participating process, everyone jointly builds and assemblies the robot by communication, discussion and schematic design, to exercise the teamwork ability of the kids.

  • Cultivate the technology knowledge literacy

    Before competition, kids need research of the project so that improve the awareness of research and development of kids, link the learning and life in combination with reality, and ultimately enhance the technology knowledge literacy of kids.

  • Discover and develop interests and hobby

    The kids participate in the practice by the competition, create the chance contact the science and technology deeply with kids, and naturally develop the interests in the process of creation.

  • Enhance the logical thinking ability

    The kids need conducting the program editing of the participating robot, thinking about the logical relationship of task continuously in the programming process, and enhancing the logical thinking ability continuously.

  • Inspiring imagination and creativity

    Every piece of work is a process of developing from zero. The kids need understanding the task deeply and splicing repeatedly, to arouse their imagination and creativity during the process of continuous optimization.

  • Improve the hands-on ability

    The competition is a process of contacting, thought, attempt, creation and game. For every kid, participating in the competition is a good chance of improving the hands-on ability.

Competition Features
  • Interesting project design
    Full of gameplay and edutainment
  • Abundant competitive events
    Meet the diversified needs of kids
  • Profound experience in competition
    8 years of experience in domestic and overseas competitions
  • Professional team
    Standardized operation and strict executive conference committee
  • World-class experts
    Top robot masters of the world
  • Wide coverage area
    Include the players all over China