Historical Background

As the core driving force in a new round of industry transformation, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) will release the enormous energy stored by the previous scientific and technical revolutions and industry transformations to create a new powerful engine that reconstruct the economic activity in production, distribution, exchange and consumption. Develop the new demand and supply, which generate new technology, new product, new industry, and new format, lead to the economic structure transformation, rebuilt the production, life style and thinking pattern of humans.

What is AIQ?

AIQ (Artificial Intelligence Quotient) is the capability index of cooperation and competition between humans and AI, involving creativity, learning ability, communication and quant ability, which is the standard of measuring the cooperation ability between individuals and AI in the Artificial Intelligence era.

This concept was proposed in public by Mr. Zuobing Wong, the founder and the CEO of Bell Education Group, and was published in his works Educational Revolution in the Age of AI in 2017.

Practicing AIQ

Started on AIQ theory, Bell Education integrates the researched and developed curriculum system, intelligent hardware products and game-based learning system, adopts the educational mode that combining online and offline learning platforms, enhances the ability of kids in operating, thinking, and solving the realistic problems, strengthens and verifies the educational achievements through Robot Competitions, improves kids’ AIQ by continuously enhance learning ability, reinforces the creativity and communication ability, and foster the natives in the age of AI.

AIQ Series Products

Education is prospective. To meet the ability requirements better in the age of AI, it’s better to cultivate kids’AIQ from childhood, in the same time, protect and develop their creativity and imagination.

In order to enhance kids ‘competitiveness in the future, we deliciate on cultivating their self-learning and lifelong learning ability by providing them immersive learning experience.

Bell Education has developed an integrated education solution involving Bellcode double-teacher system, Mabot spherical educational robot, and BeBO—— the integrated smart classroom solution based on AIQ theory.

AIQ Theoretical Research

On March 6, 2019, Bell Education Group convened AIQ Series Products Release themed by “Education · AI · Future” in Shenzhen, announced introducing the experts and scholars in the fields of educational theory, psychology, educational evaluation, brain science, mathematics, and physics to set up the AIQ global research group, invited the government related departments, associations, leading enterprises, industry well-known media and investors to participate, accelerated the public cognition in AIQ theory, and formulated AIQ assessment rules, to provide a reference for selecting the talents in AI field.