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Bell Robot & Coding Center, foster the natives in the age of AI

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Bell Robot & Coding Center

Bell Robot & Coding Center is the company-owned brand under Bell Education Group. Bell Robot & Coding Center always stick to the original mind of one class”, devotes itself to providing the complete training system of creativity, programming ability and computational thinking ability for adolescents and kids of 3-18 years old, promotes AIQ of the kids, and cultivates the natives in the age of AI. Bell Robot & Coding Center has accumulatively served more than 800,000 students for 8 years, with more than 300,000 registered students in the corresponding period, and the number of students have grown at a rate of 1.5 times annually on average.

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Transform education with science and technology, hold up the hope with love

Design Concept

  • Constructivism

    Impart the knowledge such as physics, structure, information and aesthetics in the process of growth of kids.

  • Fluency theory

    Promote the abilities of operation, analysis, induction, pressure resistance, and imagination, and enhance the exploration of things.

  • Multiple intelligence theory

    Enhance the exploration of things, self-confidence, boldness and other emotional values by the scene teaching mode of small-class-based lecture.


  • International advanced educational concept

  • Specialized course system

  • 5C1E teaching mode

  • Colorful membership services

  • Game-based programming learning

  • Strong faculty

  • All-round knowledge coverage

  • Comprehensive science and technology ability training

Distribution of activity center

  • 20+


  • 2500+

    experienced teachers

  • 200+

    Robot & Coding centers

  • 700000+

    The cumulative children