Introduction of Bell

Founded in 2011, Bell Education Group is a matrix scientific education platform devoting itself to creative science and education for kids 3-18 years old to face the development in the AI ear.

Since the founding, Bell Education Group has always adhered to the “original intention of one class”, based on AIQ theory to guide the course, way of teaching and R&D of product, foster the ability of kids in operating, thinking, and solving the realistic problems by the educational platform combining “online + offline” and competition system, cultivated and improved kids’creativity, imagination, communication ability and quant ability imperceptibly.

The founding team of Bell Education Group is full of creative spirit, and possesses the research and development team consisting of 300 professionals in software development, mechanical structure and engineering from Project 985 and Project 211 universities. The core members are from the well-known companies such as IBM, Tencent, ZTE, and DJI, with rich experience in the intelligent hardware and embedded development. The world top LEGO player ROBIN leads the team in the technological creation. Professor Yangsheng Xu, a famous space robot and intelligent control expert, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), takes the lead in the research of AIQ and creative science and education theory. Meanwhile, it has the team of more than 6,000 experienced teachers majoring in pedagogy, psychology, behavioristics, and teaching management in offline education system.

Bell Education Group has researched and developed more than 2,000 sets of core curricula and opened more than 1,000 robot & coding centers, covering more than 200 cities, to provide the education services of developing the AIQ ability for more than 800,000 kids since founding for 8 years. At the same time, Bell Education Group has independently researched and developed 6 series of products, involving more than 50 suits, and possessed more than 100 patents. At present, the products are exported to 33 countries. To perfect its own industry chain, Bell Education Group has also invested 12 ecological chain enterprises, to break through the full industry chain and set up the brand new creative science and education ecological system in the age of AI.

Development History

Our Team

Bell Culture

  • Enterprise vision

    Be the global top creative science and education company

  • Enterprise mission

    Transform education with science and technology, and cultivate the natives in the age of AI

  • Core value

    Innovation, quality, integrity, dedication, interesting and loving

  • Social responsibility

    Teach oneself with what one teaches others, and make great efforts to labor and mind.
    Be the soul noble man and take lofty actions in the world.