Modular spherical coding educational robot

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Introduction of Mabot

Mabot is the spherical educational robot independently researched and developed by Bell Education Group based on AIQ theory. It is designed according to ergonomics, extracts the elements such as “brain”, “visual sense”, “tactile sense”, and “joint” from body structure, is presented in the form of intelligent modularization, and supports the hot plug, with plug and play and easy start. Kids can freely combine different intelligent modules to assemble all kinds of witty configurations rapidly in accordance with their own creativities, so as to arouse the thirst for knowledge and learning interest of kids, cultivate the creativity, computational thinking and programming thinking of kids in an all-round way, promote AIQ, return the creation right to the kids really, and let the kids create infinite possibilities.

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Design Concept

To meet the usage demands of kids involving easy disassembly, fast start, safety and simplicity, and recycle, Mabot adopts the modular design on the premise of ensuring the sensor necessary for the robot, to enable the kids to rapidly achieve their creativities in mind by simple programming and abundant accessories.

  • Easy disassembly

  • fast start

  • safety and simplicity

  • recycle

Usage Scenario

As a groundbreaking robot product, Mabot fits the kids to learn the knowledge about programming well, and enables the kids to gradually enhance the strategic competence, teamwork ability, logical ability, computational thinking, and mathematical thinking by rapid assembly and simple programming. It can be used for the family to assist with the growth of kids, also can be applied to STEAM and children programming course of the school, and meanwhile can be applied to the robot competition as the creative intelligent teaching aid.