Rebot metal robot, mechanical cool feeling and great tensile strength

Introduction of Rebot

Rebot is the metal robot of fully displaying the beauty of industrial robot, and consists of various special metal parts, involving beam series, connector series, fastener series, transmission series and other supporting parts. Students can gain multidisciplinary knowledge such as science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics by assembling the works, cultivate the imagination, and promote the creativity and operational ability level effectively.

Transform education with science and technology, hold up the hope with love

Design Concept

Provide limited parts combination of different functions for users, and enable them to give full play to imagination and creativity and finally design and assemble the machinery or robot model works in various functions and forms.

Usage Scenario

Rebot is a robot product blending STEAM education, and can be used as the ideal teaching aid of robot children training, to achieve the transformation from ideality to reality of the kids in class. Its high strength attribute and cool modeling can meet the needs of large works production and competitive robot competitions.