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Makcoo Robot
Makcoo Robot & Coding center is the robot educational brand of Bell Education Group. Makcoo concentrates on cultivating the robot knowledge and skills of kids of 3-13 years old, and promoting the essential comprehensive abilities of kids in the age of AI. Makcoo focuses on AIQ theory, deems the international famous STEAM teaching aids and independently researched and developed teaching products as the carrier, and enables the kids to learn knowledge, improve abilities and expand thinking in the hands-on process by the professional and systematic robot programming course system.
Why Makcoo?
  • Low input
    Only needing 4-6 classrooms with light decoration and light breakage, and serving for three years in the case of join once
  • Good prospect
    Comply with the great trend of quality-oriented education and STEAM education, and cultivate the natives in the age of AI.
  • Trustworthy brand
    International leading creative science and education brand
    High market recognition
  • Excellent service
    Makcoo College provides the systematic and professional continuous support and training service.
Makcoo, create something different! Makcoo Robot, Make it cool!
Join Policies
  • Free opening service support
  • Systematic logistics supporting service
  • Professional regional location support
  • Powerful brand advertising endorsement
  • Regular event promotion plan
  • Stable course research and development frequency
  • Sales executive guiding in the shop
  • Irregular free shop visit and diagnosis